meet alanna

Alanna is a multi-Emmy winning television news personality, a keynote speaker and a certified yoga instructor. She takes pride in the body-mind connection and knows that there is something bigger in the universe than all of us. She wants to share with the world the difference between “not dying” and “truly living”, and the importance of living life to the fullest—concepts in which she knows firsthand, for she actually died during a medical emergency.

It was in her moment of death and the long recovery that followed in which her lens on life shifted—lifting the blinders of a sheltered, repetitive life, and opening her perspective to a life of endless possibility and joy. Add in a 200-hour yoga teacher training, and her life was changed even more tremendously, learning to value fulfillment over money, and joy and love over hatred and angst. Now, she’s made it her mission to share with others just how precious of a gift life is and how it’s meant to be enjoyed, not to be taken so darn seriously. She wants to instill in everyone that any goal or dream can and WILL be accomplished, no matter the odds you’re given.

Aside from news and yoga, Alanna sits on the Board of Advisors for the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana branch, a position she holds very dear to her heart, for she was once a Make-A-Wish patient. She aims to give back to the organization that gave her a beacon of light during her darkest hours and strives to give kids in the position she was once in, rays of sunshine and hope for the future.

Alanna loves to get out in the community to help others and share her light and message. Anyone who knows her can vouch that she just makes the world a brighter place, making anyone and everyone feel special, like an old friend. If you are hosting an event and need an emcee and/or speaker, Alanna would love to work with you!